Dynamite Baits Fluro Pop Up Pellets

Wed 10 April 13


If you use baits to specifically catch big carp and catfish in the UK and on the continent is your thing and you want to give your hookbaits visual attraction. Then the ne3w for 2013 carp/catfish Fluro Pop-Up Pellets could be just what you are looking for.

Fluro Pop Up Pellets

These highly visible and incredibly buoyant pellet shaped fluro pop ups have come about based on the success UK anglers have had using huge 30mm plus pop ups in there quest for big carp and moggies, to eliminate the chances smaller fish moving into the area and showing your hookbait any interest. When fishing two 24mm boilies or a string of big pellets, they give your bait natural buoyancy that can fool the most cautious of big fish into taking your bait and with an estimate three day break down period; you can be assured they will perform, even on the longest of outings your baited rig spends in the water.
The Fluro Pop-Up Pellets are available in three colours, flavours and size options. You have the Squid & Octopus in fluro pink, marine halibut in fluro yellow and the bloodied eel in fluro orange. All three flavours are available in two different sizes, the 22mm option sells for £7.99 and the 30mm option sells for £9.99 but as per usual shop around on-line for the best deals.

There is a 40mm option available on the continent but as yet these are not available in the UK but UKMA will update you as and when they become available.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/