Dynamite Baits Krill Mini Meaty Pellets & Meaty Fish Bites

Thu 20 April 17


It must be over 18 years since we first discovers the Original Meaty Fish Bites whilst out o the bank with Dave Woodmansey. Those oily balls of meat absolutely stunk and over a 3 year period, they caught us many big fish both on commercial and natural venues. However, like all good things in fishing, they were discontinued roughly 10 years ago to the disappointment of many. So when Dynamite re-released them last year, we ran to the shops to get our hands on some. To boost the range further, 2017 see’s the release of the new Krill Mini Meaty Pellets & Meaty Fish Bites, read on as we take a look.

Dynamite Baits Krill Mini Meaty Pellets & Meaty Fish Bites

Vital Statistics

These firm meat based hook-baits are a deep red in colour and come heavily glugged in their own unique oily attractant that is boosted with Krill flavouring that oozes out once in the water. The Mini Pellet options are 8mm in size, with the Meaty Fish Bites measuring in at 12mm, offering a hookbait solution for numerous situations. The texture of these oily meat baits makes it possible to present them directly on the hook or hair rigged, making them ideal for all distance feeder work both on rivers and stillwaters alike.

Dynamite Baits Krill Mini Meaty Pellets & Meaty Fish Bites close up

Final Thoughts

Don’t you just love it when a bait company re-releases a bait that should never have been taken of the shelves i the first place! These aromatic meaty offerings will entice most larger species including carp, barbel, chub, bream , tench and even catfish have fallen to the originals, so we’d be shocked if these Krill flavoured options, arguably the most popular fish flavour of the past 5 years won’t work just as well! These oil rich hookbaits last for ages so you don’t have to freeze them to keep them fresh, simply store them in a cool shaded area for long life.

Foot Note – The Krill Mini Meaty Pellets sell for £2.99 and the Krill Meaty Fish Bites sell for £3.99 per pot


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/range/match-coarse/