Hinders Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells & Readymade Paste

Tue 23 June 15


With the river season now up and running, this is the time of year that all lovers of all things barbel head out to their local river in search of these majestic creatures. Over the pat couple of years the UKSA team have put many hookbait options through there paces with variable levels of success. Two options that we highly recommend you consider that we have had exceptional sport on are the Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells & Readymade Paste from the superb Hinders Elips range.

Hinders Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells & Readymade Paste

Vital Statistics

The Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells offer a rock solid hookbait that stays on the hair even in severe flood water conditions. These dumbell shaped Barbel hookbaits are produced from Ground Elips Pellets and Fishmeal loaded with Elips Oil to give you a hookbait that will continuously release flavours and attractants to draw fish to your baited spot. To give even more attraction to the dumbells, try wrapping the Elips Ready-made Paste around them. This stiff, ready to use paste has identical content to the dumbells but breaks down mush faster, which greatly increases the speed that the attractants are released.

Top Tip – It may sound basic to most of you but if you fill the hole in a gripper lead with paste, this is a superb way of attracting fish when a large baiting campaign is not an option.

Final Thoughts

The UKSA team have had huge success using the Hinders Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells & Readymade Paste, catching numerous barbel well into double figures. Both of these products have exceptional shelf life, meaning you can leave them in your carry-all and use them all year round, with piece of mind that they will be in perfect condition.

Foot Note – The Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbells are available in two size options, Mini & Midi and they sell for £4.50 per tub. The Elips Readymade Paste is available in either 150g pots which sell for £3.99 and the 300g pot sells for £6.99.


Visit the Website: http://www.hinders.co.uk/