Carp Company Tiger Nut Extract

Sun 05 May 13


It’s no secret that tiger nuts are incredibly good when used as a carp fishing bait, offering the angler a real advantage when not wanting to be pestered by nuisance species, and the fact that carp just love them! But with fish deaths an almost certainty when these nuts aren’t prepared properly, it’s no wonder that fisheries up and down the country are banning them from their waters.

This is where the next item that has been up for UKMA testing comes into play. The Tiger Nut Extract from the Carp Company is a little edge that can be employed on those waters that have banned the use of tiger nuts, and is a way of introducing all the goodness of a tiger nut into your swim, but without an actual nut in sight! (Apart from the one holding the rod)

This sweet and sticky liquid can be used in all manner of ways to help bank your next carp. Usages include:

Additive in stick mixes
Additive to your spod mix
Poured directly over pellets
Additive to ground baits
100% PVA Friendly

Top Tips – To keep your tiger nut extract in tip top condition once the bottle is open, it’s advised to keep the bottle in the fridge in between usage which will keep it fresher for longer. This concentrated liquid has also proven to be a big winner on the northern commercial fisheries circuit as a glug or coating for hard pellets being used for feed and hookbaits on the method or pellet waggler.

The only limit to its use is your imagination, as the above is only a guide to get you started, but even such as adding it to your boilie base mix can make all the difference, that extra edge over the angler next door, something we all aim for! Carp Company Tiger Nut Extract is available from all Carp Company stockists with a retail price of £8.50 per 500mm bottle. Alternatively you can check out their website for more details.


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