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Wed 01 May 13


We all dream of discovering a flavour or additive that will revolutionise the world of fishing and the baits we all use. Unfortunately for the majority of us mere mortals, this remains only a fantasy and we depend on the angling elite to enlighten us to these secret bait treasures in the glossies every month. However, not being one who can keep a secret for long, over the past couple of weeks I have been let in on a little secret that has been kept very quiet for a long period of time by the team at CC Moore and many of their in the know customers, and that secret is a product called Feedstim XP. Now rather than boring you with my impersonation of somebody who knows what he is talking about, I asked the man in the know Ian Moore to explain how the Feedstim XP works and what it actually is.

Feedstim XP

“The way it works is to stimulate the fish’s chemoreceptor’s to motivate it to feed, much like certain foods and palatability enhancers do to humans and other animals. The natural enhancers are combined with a group of essential amino acids in such a profile that almost guarantees to supply fish with nutrients (and limiting amino acids) that they need but often find very difficult to source in their natural environment, particularly at times of the year when natural foods are less plentiful or even completely unavailable. This two pronged approach to attraction means that fish will pick up the baits that include this liquid either out of taste stimulation through water soluble attractors, association of taste from an enjoyable experience of eating baits that contain it in the past, or as a result of it supplying required nutrients that aren’t available elsewhere in the fish’s natural habitat.”

“We have found this liquid extraordinarily effective when used with food baits; however it really creates a prolonged boost of attraction when used with the method, particle, pellet, stick, spod and ground bait mixes too. It is PVA friendly and has regularly attracted fish to hook baits that have been in the water for only a matter of minutes. We received an email requesting info on the best ways of using the Feedstim XP during the autumn and winter months from a Mr Clive Pettit who regularly fishes matches on commercial fisheries in the Western Super Mare area. After a few replies we received the following report back, which simply read “I fished a match yesterday at Cider Farm Lakes and won overall with 133lb of carp (53 fish) all on corn or 8mm cubed meat flavoured with the Feedstim XP. I more than trebled the weight of the anglers either side of me, so am well impressed”. (Received on September the 6th 2010)”

Final Thoughts

The CC Moore Feedstim XP has developed an incredible reputation for instant results, not only in the big fish department, where it built its reputation as a proven fish attractor but now also gaining a huge following amongst the ranks of the course and match fishing fraternities. I know you’ve heard it all before but the Feedstim XP does actually work.
NO! The Feedstim XP won’t over-night turn you into say a Danny “The Don” Hearne or Bob “The Fin” Ringer but it will assist you in putting more fish on the bank. One last point and a very important one, because the Feedstim XP is a natural product it is totally numpty proof, making it virtually impossible to over-feed or over use this excellent liquid food., and how do we know? Simple really, I’ve field tested it and if I can catch using it anyone can!!

Foot Note – The Feedstim XP is available in 250ml bottles that sell for £8.99 and 1ltr bottles that sell for £24.99


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