CC Moore & Co Ltd Response Bait Boosters

Mon 23 February 15


First Look

CC Moore Response Boosters

Over the past 9 years, the UKCA team have been privileged enough to field test numerous liquid enhancers and boosters from the huge CC Moore range with excellent results from the majority we have tested. So as soon as we spotted that Dorset based company had released the new for 2015 Response Bait Boosters, we instantly contacted them and they sent up four samples for us to have a look at. Read on as the UKMA team take a first look at these versatile liquids.

Response+ Spice

Response Spice

This is a rich, spicy bait booster will add a powerful bite and deep savoury aroma to any baits it’s applied to. As soon as you open the bottle, this liquid releases n aroma that in the immortal words of my good wife “is just like barbecue source”. It contains pure spices, spice esters, amino acid-rich and natural sugars and this dark red/brown liquid perfectly complements any sweet, savoury or Robin Red®-based baits

Response+ Fruit

Response+ Fruit

This mellow fruit-infused booster liquid will quickly soak in and add a distinctive citrus-fruit aroma and taste to your baits that is extremely effective in even the coldest water temperatures. After you remove the lid, this rustic orange coloured liquid gets the brain thinking of all things citrus. It contains natural fruit sugars, essential oils, esters, appetite stimulants and amino acid-rich proteins, this concentrated booster complements any bait and is ideally suited for use on baits which have a fruity, creamy or fishy profile.

Response+ Fish

Response+ Fish

This naturally salty, pungently fishy booster liquid adds a unique, instantly attractive taste and aroma to any bait whilst also delivering high quality nutrients that will stimulate fish to feed in even the most challenging conditions. Once the cap is removed, this near black liquid fills your house with a very strong fish aroma (only Open outside to avoid the wrath of the wife ) The Response+ Fish is extremely effective for attracting Carp and Catfish and works particularly well on baits with a spice, fish or savoury profile.

Response+ Cream

Response+ Cream

This naturally sweet, creamy bait booster is beautifully smooth and understated and delivers a distinctive taste and aroma combination that has been extremely effective in attracting fish throughout all four seasons – even in some of the most extreme conditions. This biscuit brow liquid smells absolutely gorgeous, with an instantly recognisable caramel edge, making it smell good enough to drink (but I wouldn’t advise it). This mellow liquid booster contains cream esters, natural sugars, feed stimulants and essential oils that together perfectly complements all baits with a nut, seed, cream or fruity profile.

First Impressions

The CC Moore & Co Ltd Response Bait Boosters have something to offer all serious carp and specialist anglers, who take their feed preparation as seriously as they do their hookbait selection. No matter what flavour you hookbait is, there is Response Booster to compliment it perfectly, bringing your particles and pellets in sink with your hookbaits. Each of these four PVA friendly liquid boosters are sold in 1 litre bottles and they sell for £9.99 per bottle, which is excellent value for money.


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