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Mon 19 August 13


As carp fishing becomes increasingly popular, bait selection and quality has a greater bearing on angler’s results than ever before and one company that has seriously taken this into consideration is C.C. Moore & Co Ltd. This family run company based around an old watermill on the banks of the River Stour in Dorset, has over 150 years of trading in the animal feed and milling industry. The companies years of experience in animal nutrition and feed formulation, combined with a passion for angling, has enabled CC Moore to develop high nutrient value baits for coarse fishing.

CC Moore Liquid Food Range

One of the many selections of products that are available from CC Moore is the very comprehensive range of Liquid Foods. These aromatic, strongly flavored liquids are incredibly versatile in there usage and have developed a cult following nationwide. With some of the countries top Carp heads including Gaz Fareham, Myles Gibson, Paul Bailey, Ben Jones, Lee Pollard and James Davies, now putting their mane to the CC Moore range, it was now time to get a look at what all the excitement has been about. So we got in touch with Ian Moore who generously sent over a selection of the Liquid Food range.

I was originally introduced to the CC Moore Liquid Food Range about 4 years ago whilst match angling. I had been using Liver flavored attractants for my entire mixed fishery baiting tactics for a number of years and this had proven to be a major benefit especially when big Carp, Bream & Tench were the main target species. So under advice from an angling friend of many years, I got my hands on a bottle of the CC Moore Liquid Food Liver Extract and I was instantly impressed by the liquids dense consistency and full Liver natural aroma which made it really stand out against other liquid Liver solutions I had tried.

Final Thoughts

The CC Moore Liquid Food range consists of a selection of proven flavours that will cover virtually all baiting situations all year round for the vast majority of anglers. These Liquids are perfect for all baiting techniques including Ground baits, Spod mixes and Particle mixes or as a glug or dip for your hook baits. Under our “On the bank” test we found all the liquids we had been sent to UKMA for review and that have been listed above to be ideal for all PVA mesh and bag work.

Whether you are a Match Angler, Specialist (Including Predator) angler or Specimen carp angler you’ll really struggle to find such a comprehensive range of Liquids foods and attractants that ooze flavour and quality. There are in total twenty eight flavours and stimulants in this top quality range of Liquid Food, and I’m 100% sure at least one if not numerous flavours from this excellent range will become a part of your baiting system in the future.

Foot Note – The Liquids featured in this review are from left to right; Liquid Shellfish Concentrate £9.99, Liquid Chilli Extract £9.99, Liquid Shrimp Extract £9.99, Liquid Super Slop £10.49 and Liquid Liver Extract £7.99 for a 500ml bottle.


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