Dynamite Baits Premium CSL Liquid Carp Food

Mon 05 May 14


Corn Steep Liquor or as it more commonly know CSL has over the past 15 years or so become a well publicised liquid additive that is proven to attract specimen fish and stimulate feeding.
For those of you who haven’t come across CSL before, it is a by-product of corn wet milling. The corn is processed and then it is left to ferment, producing a liquid concentrate which is rich in lactic acid, vitamins and proteins.

Premium CSL Liquid Carp Food

CSL Liquid Carp Food

The new for 2014 Premium CSL Liquid Carp Food is a water soluble liquid which contains 30% protein and is naturally high in amino acids. This pre-activated CSL has been fermented until all the natural sugars and enzymes start to breakdown, this process creates a premium product which is at its peak of digestibility for the fish, enabling them to easily absorb the nutrients.

First Impressions

The Premium CSL Liquid Carp Food is a PVA friendly, totally versatile liquid that can be added to all particles, groundbaits, stick and spod mixes to give them added attraction and flavour leakage, making your baited spots far more attractive to feeding fish. It can also be used to re-hydrate boilies, giving them a unique flavouring boost, making your hookbaits stand out from the crowd.
This highly versatile liquid has unlimited potentials for all match, carp and specimen anglers looking for something to enhance their feed and hookbaits.

It is sold in a re-sealable screw top bottle with full instructions for use on the rear of label.You should expect to pay no more than £8.99 per bottle but if you shop around on-line you can find a few deals


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