Dynamite Baits XL Predator Liquid

Sat 04 January 14


Over time the XL Predator liquid from Dynamite Baits has slowly worked its way into most anglers tackle bags, no matter what type of coarse fish they were targeting. Although it was originally released as an out and out predation attractor with its distinctive blood red colour designed to trigger aggressive feeding instincts in pike, perch, zander and catfish.

XL Predator Liquid

It soon became just as popular amongst the specialist and match angling brigades who fished commercial carp venues and the big river systems as a proven big fish attractor. With this unexpected popularity it has evoled as part of the very impressive new XL Liquid range under the new name ‘XL Predator Liquid.

On the predator front, the XL Predator Liquid can be used to soak or injected into dead baits to boost there attraction and performance. Another popular usage is to squirt a small amount XL Predator Liquid onto a lure to induce aggressive attacks.
You can also use XL Liquid Predator to make your own predator ground-baits with plus it makes an excellent pellet booster when targeting big catfish. On the coarse, match and specialist front the uses are endless, you can colour luncheon meat, feed pellets, expander pellets and sweet-corn but the XL Predator Liquid truly comes into its own when added to chop worm, and the XL Predator Liquid totally boosts the attraction of the bait and greatly increases your catch rate.

Final Thoughts

Dynamite Baits XL Predator Liquid is supplied in 250ml soft bottle with a practical easy-close cap that prevents spillage when it’s in your carry-all. If, like me, you fish for all species dependant on the time of year, then the XL Predator Liquid from Dynamite Baits is a must have part of your liquid additive arsenal.

Expect to pay around £3.50 for a bottle of liquid that could potentially increase your chances of catching most species of coarse fish.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/

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