Mainline Baits Fosoil Feed Inducer

Thu 21 May 15


With water temperatures rising nicely and the fish feeding confidently, this is the time of year when oil based additives come into there own. Over the years the UKSA team have tried many options but we all head back to a tried and test option, that has proven to be the downfall of many big specimens including bream, tench, carp chub and barbel, introducing the Fosoil from Essex based bait giants Mainline Baits.

Mainline Baits Fosoil

Unlike many oil based liquids on the market, the Fosoil has stayed exactly the same over the years, with no noticeable changes to its superb fish catching properties. This thick oil releases a pungent fish aroma in the water, slowly releasing its attractants, that big specimen fish of all species simply can’t resist. You can add it to solid PVA bags, soak pellets, add to spod mixes or simply glug your hookbaits for added attraction. Another potential use for the Fosoil is to brush it on dead baits and artificial lures for added attraction.

Final Thoughts

Fosoil is fish oil originally designed for the fish farming industry to be used as a coating for feed pellets and its purpose is to induce feeding. When this honey coloured heavy liquid is added to all fishmeal based boilies mixes at 5ml per egg and particles to a measure of 20ml per kilo the results speak for themselves. I found the bigger match carp on commercial fisheries totally adored this when used as a dip on corn, hard pellet, meat, casters and maggots.

This super all round liquid attracts fish during the warmer months as well as any other liquid attractant the UKSA team have used and it’s all round versatility, gives it a place in our carryall for the majority of our general coarse and specialist fish needs. The Fosoil is sold in 250ml screw top bottles and you should expect to pay around £6.75 per bottle but if you shop around on-line, there are some good deals to be found.


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