Solar Tackle Esterblend 12 & Liquid Candy Sweetener

Mon 17 April 17


With spring now upon us and the aquatic life we target now beginning to come back to life, it’s time to get out on the bank in search of big bream and tench. Over many years of targeting these impressive species, the UKSA team have learned on very important bit of info that makes these very cautious beast easier to catch, and that is “they absolutely adore sweet baits and attractants. So with this in mind, we did the rounds on the old interweb and found a couple of options well worth considering from Kent based Solar Tackle, in the shape of their Esterblend 12 & Liquid Candy Sweetener, here’s what these gorgeous sweet liquids have to offer you the specialist angler.

Solar Tackle Esterblend 12

Solar Tackle Esterblend 12

This sweet, ester-based flavour can be added to any boilie recipe to give it an extra edge. It can even be used as a hook bait dip and for soaking artificial baits, which proves popular through the colder months.

Being ester-based, this liquid enhancer works impeccably in all water temperatures and is not denatured with the boiling process of the baits into which it’s incorporated.

Recommended Doseage: 5ml to 10ml per 6-egg mix

Solar Tackle Liquid Candy Sweetener

Solar Tackle Liquid Candy Sweetener

Candy Sweetener is the only sweetener to contain Talin, the sweetest natural product known to man. It has no bitter after taste and provides exceptional taste-enhancing properties to any bait. It works extremely well with fish/savoury mixes as well as the more obvious fruity and creamy baits.

Dosage guide – 1ml to 3ml per 6-egg mix

Top Tip – Both of these liquids can be used on corn, pellets, particles, meat, casters and numerous other hookbaits and feeds but make sure you don’t over do it as a 100ml bottle should last you ages!

Final Thoughts

Both of these sweet liquids can greatly improve your chances of catching a fish of a lifetime. Once you’ve figured out the best way of using them in your own particular style of fishing, the results can be phenomenal, as we found out whilst using them over the past year.

Foot Note – Both the Esterblend 12 & Liquid Candy Sweetener are sold in 100ml (150g) bottles adn they are available from all authorised Solar Tackle stockists and the sell for £10.99 per bottle


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