Solar Tackle Hot Scottish Salmon Oil

Fri 14 August 15


First Look

With many rivers now taking on a bit of water after the deluge we all got over the past 24 hours and with many rivers now rising and running hard and looking like chocolate soup. This is the time to utilise a good quality liquid attractant to make your hookbait easier for feeding fish to locate. For all you lovers of fish oils, Kent based Solar Tackle have recently released the Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, read on as the UKSA team take a first look.

Solar Tackle Hot Scottish Salmon Oil

Vital Statistics

This fishy liquid contains pure Scottish salmon oil, that has been infused with red chillies, to produce a fish oil with a unique and distinctive aroma. This PVA friendly oil can be used to enhance hook baits, spod & stick mixes, groundbaits etc. One of the really nice things about the Hot Salmon Oil is you can use as much as you like, as you won’t overdo it but always remember that oils are best suited to warm water angling, simply because in cold water use oils can congeal.

First Impressions

The UKSA team have reviewed many oil based liquids over the years, which includes numerous salmon oil based, and the Hot Scottish Salmon Oil from Solar Tackle, is arguably one of the most original options we have seen to date. The natural salmon aroma is very prominent but you get a more than noticable, without being over-powering hot chili undertone that is surprisingly attractive.

Foot Note – The Hot Scottish Salmon Oil is now available from all leading Solar Tackle stockists and will cost you £9.99 1.1-Litre bottles, meaning you get 10% free of charge.


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