Stinky Stuff Krill Protein Boost

Tue 08 November 16


The stinky Stuff Range has been around for a few years now and made quite a few friends in the angling world since it was first launched. These spray liquid attractants have two key advantage over other products of similar type. Firstly, they’re 100% aquatically safe. fish friendly and they have absolutely no adverse effects on the environment and secondly they catch a lot of fish. Red on as the UKSA team take a first look at the latest addition to this very popular range, the Krill Protein Boost.

Stinky Stuff Krill Protein Booster

Vital Statistics

Stinky Stuff Krill Protein Boost is the latest advanced formula to be added to the range. Based on our Original base formulation, David and the team have added a Krill Protein Boost along with other key amino acids, to create a powerful attractant suitable for numerous uses. There are numerous keys features that will make this latest addition to the range stand out from the crowd, these include being PVA friendly and suitable for use with all natural baits, particles and artificial lures .

Key Features

The Stinky Stuff aerosol can this liquid is supplied in helps the formulation stick to the bait or tackle it is sprayed on to. The fact it is in an aerosol means when it’s sprayed from the can, it is projected in fine molecules, helping it to impregnate whatever you are spraying it onto.

Stinky Stuff Krill Protein Booster

Final Thoughts

This latest addition to the Stinky Stuff range has a pungent krill aroma that many specialist anglers will find very interesting as it can be used in numerous tactical and baiting situations. Everything from maggots right through to big lures can benefit from a light coating of this very aromatic liquid. It is now available from all authorised Stinky Stuff stockists or direct from the website, and it is now available at an introductory offer price of £9.99 (usually £11.99)


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