Bait-Tech Camo Bucket Spod and PVA Micro Pellet Mix

Wed 09 April 14


Pellets are arguably the most commonly used form of feed now used by the modern day angler. Everyone from match, specialist and specimen anglers now reap the rewards of utilising these fish flavoured morsels, that are proven big fish attracters on the majority of all commercial fisheries and natural venues including rivers, canals and drains. Taking this on board, Suffolk based BAIT-TECH have added another option to the already very successful range of CAMO BUCKET range of feed pellets, with the release of the new for 2014 SPOD & PVA MICRO PELLET MIX. The team at UKMA have had a proper look at this latest offering and here’s what it potentially has to offer your personal baiting requirements when targeting big fish from numerous different types of venues.

Vital Statistics

Each bucket of the new Spod and PVA Micro Pellet Mix contains 3kg of mixed krill, halibut and carp pellets. To enter your bucket of pellets, all you have to do is lift the green tab found on the rim of the bucket upwards to break the lids water tight seal and then simply lift the lid off. Once inside the bucket, a smorgasbord of multi coloured pellets is revealed, that offer the user a mix of pellets that have the following characteristics; high attraction, high food content, a combination of high and low oil and 3 different types of micro pellets. These mixed together form a unique blend of pellets that is perfect for all PVA bag, stick mix, spodding and feeding via a bait boat. Once in the water, this combination of pellets offer a variation of breakdown time, to produce a varied attraction release, potentially hold this fish in your swim for longer.

First Impressions

This latest Camo Bucket offering from Bait-Tech definitely looks and smells the part. This combination of pellets will definitely find many friends in the big fish communities, especially the anglers who target big bream, tench, carp, chub and barbel. The fact that the Spod and PVA Micro Pellet Mix are supplied in re-usable bucket is an added bonus as once the bucket is empty you have a perfect short session bucket with a carry handle that is ideal for roving and stalking situations, perfectly sized for when you have to travel light. The Spod and PVA Micro Pellet Mix is now available from all leading Bait-Tech retailers, ad you should expect to pay £11.99 per 3kg bucket.


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