Bait-Tech Hi-Attract Carp Pellets

Wed 11 September 13


The Bait-Tech Camo Buckets have been around for some time now and at some point in time. These useful Camo buckets full of top quality bait have been used by most specimen and specialist anglers that have fished on rivers and or lakes over the past five or six years. This very practical selection of feed products are supplied in 3kg quantities and is a cost effective way of buying pellets or ground baits in bulk and transporting it to and from the bank.

The current range consists of the following three groundbaits;

Big Carp Spicy Method Mix £9.99
Big Carp Fishmeal Method Mix £9.99
Big Carp Nutty Method Mix £10.99

To complete the range Bait-Tech also supply four different pellet options;

Time Bomb pellets £10.99
Halibut Select pellets £10.99
Barbel Buster pellets £11.99
Hi-Attractant Carp Pellet Mix £9.99

The Hi -Attract Carp Pellet Mix is a selection of low oil pellets that vary in sizes from 2mm micros, right through to 8mm in size. These variably sized, multi coloured pellets have different breakdown rates that is proven to keep fish feeding and attracted to your baited area for longer. Bait-Tech have put together a selection of pellet containing Hi-Betaine, Shrimp, Green Spirillina, compressed and Fishmeal Pellets, that when used together create a very potent food source.
We took the Bait-Tech Hi-Attract Carp Pellet Mix out on the bank last weekend to put it through its paces and I have to admit this original pellet concoction performed well above my original expectations. I decided to try thumb sizes Funnel Web bags of pellet attached to my rigs every cast. I made sure that each bag had a good variety of colours and sizes to get the very best performance that I could from the pellets and the results spoke for themselves.

Over the next 40 hours, I tried various variations, everything from ground pellet and boilies to Hi-Attract Carp Pellet Mix in the bag with my chosen hook bait on the hair rig. I found that I caught fish faster when the pellet was in the PVA or Funnel Web bag mixed 75/25 with my chosen hook bait. When I upped the level of ground hook bait to pellet to 50/50 or higher, I found I would still get a bite but I had to wait for a considerably longer time.

First Impressions

I have top put my hands up and admit that I was very sceptical about how well this specially selected range of pellets would perform but any doubts I had were soon laid to rest. Over the next 40 hours I landed 19 fish in total, including 6 fish between 15 and 20lb, plus 5 other fish over the 20lb mark. All I can really say is “that the more I used the in my PVA feed approach, the quicker my catch rate became during this particular session.

I think the Bait-Tech Hi-Attract Carp Pellet Mix will perform superbly during the autumn and winter months as a slow release food source, that is low in oil, making it ideal for all year round feeding especially cooler water conditions. I personally liked the fact that the pellets selected have variable dissolving times, guaranteeing that you have attractant in the area of your hook bait from 15 minutes after casting, up to and beyond 5 hours after your baited rig enters the water.
These carefully selected pellets have definitely found there way into my personally selection of products suited for all season feeding. The fact that the Bait-Tech Hi-Attract Carp Pellet Mix come supplied in a very tidy 3kg capacity camouflaged bucket is a very nice touch but purely cosmetic.

Foot Note – Would I recommend you pay £9.99 for 3kg of feed pellet? No, but with the Bait-Tech Hi-attract Carp Pellet Mix you get something a little bit special, a very useful all year round feed supplement suitable for all river and still water angling when big fish are the target.


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