Bait Zone Real Krill Pellets 2.5mm & 4.5mm

Sat 15 February 14


Over the paste 3 years, Krill has become the en vogue flavour amongst the majority of match, carp and specialist angler all over the UK. Its proven fish attracting properties and distinctive red colouring make it really stand out from the crowd and a fond favourite amongst numerous freshwater species including carp, bream, tench, barbel, chub and many smaller silver species. One of the biggest growing areas of the Krill revolution is in the feed pellet market and one of the latest releases to consider as an all round feed option are the new for 2014 REAL KRILL PELLETS from Essex based BAITZONE. These washed out red coloured pellets are available in 2.5mm and 4.5mm options and have been specifically formulated using natural Antarctic krill that has been sourced from a sustainable North Atlantic farm. This is then added to a unique balanced formula of vitamins and minerals, to create a natural fish attracting feed option.

Final Thoughts

This product is ready to use straight out of the bag or bucket and does not require any preparation. Once opened these pellets stays fresh for up to one year as long as you store them in the re-sealable bag or bucket and don’t mix them with any other particles or baits which will reduce the shelf life of the pellet. A top tip for the match anglers, you can soften them up for match method feeder work, by simply covering them with lake water and soaking for roughly 45 second. Then totally drain them off and leave for 3 – 5 minutes and they are ready for use in conjunction with a speed mould, to produced a pellet method mix that breaks down in around 30 seconds. For the carp and specialist angler these aromatic REAL KRILL FEED PELLETS are ideal for use in all spod, solid PVA bag and bait boat mixes, plus if your give them a few twists in a Krusha, this create a fine particle ideal for stick mixes. These are available in 3ltr buckets that sell for £10.99 and the 900g re-sealable bags option sell for £4.99 and both options are now available from all BAITZONE stockist.


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