Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Amino Original Carp Pellets

Fri 18 April 14


This is one of those bait products that has past the test of time with flying colours. The Swim Stim feed pellets are one of the original Dynamite Baits products that help build the huge bait empire that the Nottinghamshire based company are today. These feed pellets that were first released well over a decade ago haven’t changed very much at all, apart from a new shiny foil bag and a glossy label, they are still the same high quality feed pellets being manufactured using exactly the same Koi technology as they have always done.

Swim Stim pellets are available in 1mm, 3mm and 6mm sizes and they contain a special attractant that has set them apart from other coarse pellets on the market. You can use them dry straight from the bag with out any fear of potential floaters as all pellets sink dry making them ideal for up in the water presentations. Alternatively they can be soaked to make the pellet stick together for balling or cupping in purposes plus this extra moisture makes the pellet breaks down super fast and works exceptionally well when fishing paste or as a ground bait when fishing the feeder.

TOP TIP – If you cover your Swim Stim pellets totally in water and leave to soak for about one hour (50% water to 50% Swim Stim pellet), this will produce a perfect paste that fish find irresistible, give it a try the results are exceptional.
Over the years the Swim Stim Amino Original Carp Pellets have also found huge favour amongst the big fish specialist anglers up and down the country. Everything from big bream and tench from lake, to big river chub and barbel have all fallen for these aromatic feed pellets but it doesn’t stop there. These excellent pellets have also found a permanent home in the sheds of many big carp anglers, with many past and present using the Swim Stim Amino Original Carp Pellets as a big part of their feeding campaign for many years.

Final Thoughts

The Swim Stim Amino Original Carp pellets are available in both Amino Original and Betaine Green varieties so they match the groundbait, soft hooker pellets and paste perfectly that are currently available in the Dynamite Bait range. They are now a permanent part of modern angling and are widely recognised by many top match anglers as being the very best feed pellets currently available in the United Kingdom and possibly Europe. With numerous big match wins under their belt, this has over the years, made the Dynamite Swim Stim Amino Original Carp pellet a bait of legends.


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