Sticky Baits Prepared Hemp range

Mon 17 June 13


Sticky Baits have been on the carp and specialist angler’s radar for some time but since being taken over in September 2008, the Newport based company have invested a great deal of time and money into further development. With fish welfare and nutrition being of particular importance to the Sticky Baits team, they will only source the freshest ingredients in order to fulfil all of the Carp’s dietary requirements. So with hempseed now being clinically recognised as a cost effective source of protein, amino acids and omega 3, 6 & 9, this when cooked correctly offers the angler a perfect alternative food source that can be used in-conjunction with numerous different hook bait options.

Taking this on board, Sticky Baits have finally released there own range of pre-prepared hemp in a jar for 2013. There are currently three varieties available in the range, Oily Hemp, Hemp & Bloodworm and Hemp & Tuna. The seed is cooked using a tried a tested process where the hemp is cooked in the jar meaning all the natural goodness and flavours are trapped in producing the highest quality of prepared hemp particle. This cooking process also means that the added tuna and bloodworm flavourings are soaks into the hemp seed and when fully cooked give the seed a totally different characteristic once in the water, releasing oils, flavour and stimulants into your swim over a much greater period of time.

Final Thoughts

Through well thought out preparation and research, the team at Sticky Baits have got these three prepared hemp products spot on. You can clearly see that all the seed have split and the oil released and normally lost in other cooking processes is still in the jar and when tipped into a bucket and mixed back into the seed helps to produce a natural and instant fish attractor. The aroma from the added flavours is more than noticeable when you break the internal foil sealed lid on the jar but they are not overpowering, they simply give you an alternative to conventional cook seed when looking for an edge. All three options come in 2.5ltr jars with the Oily Hemp selling for £7.99, with the Hemp & Bloodworm and Hemp & Tuna hitting the shelves at £9.99 per jar.


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