Bait Box Blast Frozen Deadbait Range

Fri 26 December 14


Our disciples enjoyed the 2013 pike season with great hauls of wild Irish pike infect we had such an amazing amount of good fish last go around we named 2013 the year of the doubles ,even the Monster Tours crew was impressed as old esox was showing up in big numbers again on quite a few waters we fish and at certainly great weights that we couldn’t wait to get started again in November 2013 , you guessed it the season started off in November 2013, the way we ended it in in February , accounting for 1113lb of pike gracing our landing nets with doubles galore and a few special fish included so early in the season with big Tommy’s 117lb haul of pike in seven hours including his fantastic brace of twenties and his new PB on top carrying us over the magical 1000lb barrier for November 2011,

BaitBox Dead Baits

We all have our favourite baits and rigs for certain waters and we are in no doubt its were you deploy your rigs and bait that will determine your catch reports and the Monster Tours crew are no different ,we differ our rigs and baits on different waters with great results gained through years of experience fishing on these venues , but our most important tips to remember and we drill this into all our disciples is to keep your rigs and tactics as basic as you can and only use the freshest quality bait you can get as this will certainly increase your chances of them few extra fish and possibly that fish of a lifetime, the Monster Tours crew have found the Bait Box Premium Pike Baits range hard to beat and have caught on all of the Bait Box range though we have cut down the list to give you our top five baits.

In a league of its own is the old faithful Bait Box Joey Mackerel. There’s just something about these Bait Box Joeys that stand out from all the rest and has accounted for over 700lb of Novembers total weight of pike on the basic dead bait pencil ledger rig fished hard on the bottom.

Bait-Box at one with nature

Bait Box Herring which is best fished hard on the bottom. Top Tip – Use PVA cable ties to prevent this soft bait from parting ways with your trace on casting

Bait Box Bluey. We have only started using these deadbaits and are very impressed at results to date with our float fishing

Bait Box Medium Smelt. When popped up, it never seems to fail especially on the trout waters that we fish

Bait Box Lamprey. We favour to fish this very bloody deadbait on a paternoster rig. On its day it can be lethal

Hopefully these statistics and findings from Monster Tours will help you tighten a few more lines throughout the pike season.


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