Delalande Drop Shot and Vertical Lures

Wed 11 February 15


With Drop Shotting becoming the en vogue method of catching fish, the ever growing demand for lures and accessories has now become enormous, with numerous house hold brands cashing in on the success of this ever growing genre of modern predation fishing. One of the countries leading independent distributors of all things Drop Shot are Kent based the Friendly Fisherman. This family run company have introduced many new and unknown brands over the years including an excellent range of lures from French based accessory company Delalande. Read on as the UKSA team take a first look at three versatile lures from this massive range of products.

Buster Shad 11cm, Pack of 5 RRP £6.50

The Buster Shads 11cm are designed to produce what is known as a ‘flanking action’. meaning the body moves in a ‘side to side’ motion. These are ideally suited to majority of drop shotting situation including casting and vertical presentations.

These highly visible red and blue lures are ideally suited to smaller predation species including chub, perch and zander. They’re also available in a 13cm option and you should expect to pay around £6.99 per pack of 4.

Fury Shads 11cm, Pack of 4 RRP £6.50

The Fury Shads feature an instantly noticeable twin tail, which is designed to give the lure a very quick tail action, which is recognised by all predatory species as being an a distress single which they will instantly investigate as it could mean an easy meal.

In each pack you get three clear Fury Shads with blood red heads and two lime and dark green options that offer you plenty of options whilst searching out your quarry in any aquatic conditions. Also best suited to ideally suited to the majority of drop shotting situation including casting and vertical presentations whilst hunting out small species including perch chub and zander.

DJ Line 12cm, Pack of 4 £4.99

are the ideal option when fishing in shallow weedy venues when being used un-weighted or on it’s own.These are ideal for all drop shot anglers who like to utilise the very popular Texas Rigging approach. You get 2 x white lures with blood red heads and two pale green options, offering visibility options dependant on the light conditions you are fishing in.

As well as having ribbed sides, the DJ Line have a grooved back with a perfectly located pre drilled hook hole, which enables you to keep the point of the hook totally protected from surface debris and weed, meaning you can cast this lure into areas that many others can’t be cast to.

First Impressions

The UKSA team will be taking these very durable and well thought out lures out on the bank over the next few months to see how well they perform in an angling environment. They offer good value for money and for a minimal outlay, you can kit yourself out for all drop shotting situation.


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