E-Sox Dropshot Lures

Tue 14 April 15


At UKMA, we like to give products a good seeing to before we comment, so we handed over the complete range of E-Sox Dropshot Lures to the team and sent them out to do what they do best; catch fish!

E-Sox Dropshot Lures range

The E-Sox Dropshot lure range form part of a comprehensive catalogue of items aimed squarely at the predator angler, and are ideal for all predatory fish in UK waters. Pike, perch, zander, trout, chub and even catfish will all take these incredibly flexible lures, all of which have a unique action and come in four main groups.


Paddle Tail

Perhaps the smallest of the lure group at just 3.25 inches long, featuring a heavy ‘thump’ paddletail and available in Pearl Red, Aqua Sparkle (our favourite) Red Shimmer and Golden Speckle colours. Each has a split in the lure belly to allow the angler to fish the lure safely in weed when correctly rigged, so are ideal in snaggy or shallow swims. The UKMA review team suggest that this lure is best suited to a light jig head and steadily retrieved through the water to impart movement into the heavy tail which produces masses of vibrations and instantly attracts attention!

The Paddle Tail come in packets of seven and a choice of Pearl Red, Red Shimmer, Golden Speckle and Aqua Sparkle varieties and sell for £4.95 per pack

Split Tail

Split Tail

Another pattern well suited to the jig head approach, these 4 inch lures are extremely effective when allowed to settle on the lake bed before being snatched up to settle again. The split tail flutters enticingly, and if recovered slowly, is often followed to the rod tip before warranting a savage strike! These lures also feature a belly slit for weedless rigging, and are presented in four colours; Amber Nectar, Pearl Red, Natural Silverfish and Ecto Green.

The Split Tail are supplied in packs of eight lures in a choice of Amber Nectar, Pearl Red, Natural Silverfish and Ecto Green and they sell for £4.95

Curly worm

Curly Worm

A bigger, 5 inch lure with an exceptionally flexible tail section which is a real perch catcher! One of our favourite canal lures, this pattern is ideal for a fairly static dropshot style presentation against structural features such as lock gates, bridges and beneath boats, but can also be twitched back towards the angler if required. Whisky Brown, Blood Red, Deep Purple and a real winner, Chartreuse Lime which caught more than its fair share of perch from gin clear waters, especially around reed beds!

The Curly Worms are available in packets of eight lures in Whisky Brown, Deep Purple, Blood Red and Chartreuse Lime patterns and sell for £3.95 per pack.



Lots of options with this one, and at 5 inches, it gives the predator much to home in on! A versatile lure which can be nicked onto the hook to allow the full length of the body to move through the water to give maximum visual impact, or if fish are decidedly ‘nippy’, can have a hook threaded further along the body to catch out shy biting fish. As with the other lures, these are also available in four shades, Earthy Brown, Pearlescent White, Blood Red and Chartreuse. The palest, Pearlescent White, is especially good as the light levels begin to fade.

The Lobworms are sold in packs of eight in and comes in Pearlescent White, Earthy Brown, Chartreuse and Blood Red varieties and sell for £3.95 per pack.

Key Feature

All E-Sox lures are supplied in resealable packs, and contain a fish oil booster which really works to attract the fish, rather than hide the ‘plasticky’ smell sometimes associated with other brands. You should expect to pay £


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