E-Sox Wag 13g Floating Lure

Thu 18 January 18


E-Sox is one of those brands that over the years has kept on producing top quality terminal tackle, specifically designed for the predator angler. So when the UKSA ream learned about the Oxfordshire based companies release of a range of lures, we simply had to try them out. With several to shoos from, we take a first look at the E-Sox Wag 13g Floating Lure.

E-Sox Wag 13g Floating Lure

Vital Statistics

The Wag is a 13g floating lure and a jointed version of the popular E-Sox Pug. This lures jointed body produces an enticing wiggle action which, combined with its internal rattle, can prove irresistible to pike, perch, zander, and even chub. The Wag is best fished sub-surface with an erratic retrieve. This will cause the lure to snake and dive in the water, effectively imitating a wounded fish.

Top Tip – The Wag works best from the surface down to a maximum of 1.5 metres. The angle and height of the rod tip along with the speed of the retrieve will help to dictate its fishing depth and movement.

Final Thoughts

E-Sox don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to product development and that is blatantly clear to see when you chuck on of these very well thought out lures into the water. The trebles are deadly sharp, all fixtures and fittings are 100% fit for the purpose they’ve been designed for, and most importantly they catch fish.

Foot Note – Wag 13g Floating Lure is available in 4 colour options, these are Silver Red, Green Perch (Pictured) Gold Flash & Silver Blue and they’re available from all authorised E-Sox stockists for the reasonable price of £4.95 per lure.


Visit the Website: http://www.drennantackle.com/products/predator/