E-Sox Zombie 13cm Floating Lure 45g

Thu 25 February 16


The E-Sox predator range has been around for many years now and has a deserved reputation amongst the predator angling fraternities based on performance and quality.To cater to the needs of the modern predator angler, the Oxfordshire based company have now launched a range of lures. Read on the UKSA team take a first at them, starting with the Zombie 13cm Floating Lure 45g.

E-Sox Zombie 13cm Floating Lure 45g

Vital Statistics

The Zombie is a floating lure designed to replicate a distressed silver fish. This has been achieved by giving this 13cm long lure a holographic scale finish, that is designed to grab the attention of predatory species in the area. To boost the attraction of the lure further, a vibrating rattler has been fitted to increase the chances of a strike even further. This 45g lure is ideal for distance casting, which come in really handy when casting into margins or weedy bays, where this lure is ideally suited.

The Zombie up close

This lure performs best when fished on a smooth retrieve, which produces an attractive swaying action. By introducing an occasional pause and by adding the odd twitch of the rod tip, this lure can be made to perfectly imitate the predatory species natural pray. The lure nose vein enables it to dive to a maximum depth of 1.5m, which is ideal for shallow, weedy areas that big predation absolutely adore.

Final Thoughts

The “Zombie” is the perfect lure for anglers who fish weedy, shallow waters in search of large predatory species including zander and pike. The fitted as standard treble hooks are incredibly sharp and the very strong ‘O’ rings they are mounted wont let you down.

Foot Note – The Zombie 13cm Floating Lure 45g is now available from all authorised E-Sox stockists and you should expect to pay £7.95 for a great addition to any anglers lure collection. There are 4 colour options and styles available in the Zombie range, these are: Silver Red, Green Perch, Gold Flash and Silver Blue.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/