Fly On-line Pike Fly Kit

Wed 18 September 13


Finding a way of catching big fish without actually using bait is a skill that has accounted for some exceptional sport for many years. Ask any salmon angler what his favourite method of catching his quarry is and he will always put the fly as his chosen weapon. To the un-educated this entails casting bits of carefully chosen cotton, that have been attached to a hook and wrapped together to imitate an insect or other forms of aquatic creature into the water. Then by casting these said “flies” long distances and then carefully pulling it back through the water in such a way as to annoy a fish that much that eventually it will attack the fly.

Fortunately my negative attitude and opinion towards catching big fish on the fly has been dramatically changed. Over the past few months my eyes have been truly opened to the fast growing and very exciting form of predator fishing that is pike fly fishing. By watching several videos of anglers utilising the skill of fly fishing but with beefed up equipment including a 9 foot , 9 10 weight rod, reel and casting lines, which for the un educated (myself included) is the equivalent to using a 3.5 test curve rod with 18lbs line for carp fishing, basically very robust gear designed for big fish. So with your rod, reel and line selected, now its time to sort out the business end of things.

When buying flies for the first time, UKSA recommend that instead of going out and buying hundreds of flies, traces and leaders, simply look for a basic starter kit either on-line or in your local tackle shop. This is one of the best ways of buying everything you need to get out on the bank without breaking the bank. To save you spending all day searching the internet, we have done the hard work for you and found what we believe to be the perfect option when starting out fly fishing for pike. Edinburgh based have put together the Pike Fly Kit that offers basically all you need for the terminal end of things to get started and out on your local waters and catching fish on this exciting method of catching pike.

The kit contains:

1 Bunny Diver
2 Kingfisher Flies Pike Streamers
2 Kingfisher Flies Pike Flashers
2 Super Sleek Pike Flies
1 Foam Popper
1 Foam Frog
1 spool of Authanic trace wire
1 compartment box

This very handy starter kit consisting of 9 assorted pike flies which give you a good bait option when out on the bank for the first time. A spool of Authanic wire or trace, which makes attaching pike flies to your nylon trace easy. Authanic wire is a flexible and abrasion resistant material that can be knotted directly onto the fly. By tying a loop at the opposite end to the fly you can then attach it loop to loop to your cast. All this comes supplied in a very easy to carry around clear plastic tackle box that measures 27.5cm x 18cm x 4cm and has dividers that keep everything nice and tidy.

First Impressions

Being a total newbie to feather chucking (sorry I keep saying that) I mean fly fishing for pike. I was looking for the right place to start when it came to sorting out the business end of things. This handy little box of goodies from offers the new comer to pike fly fishing a good starting point at a discounted price. To buy the kit as individual items would normally set you back around £35.20 but if you buy the Pike Fly Kit you’ll save yourself over a fiver and pay just £29.95. Which is great value for money and the cheapest way of getting started the UKSA team could find anywhere on-line.


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