Jackson Active Shad

Wed 10 February 16


There are numerous companies currently taking advantage of the ever growing Drop Shot market. The demand for products is growing by the month, with more and more anglers taking advantage of this cost affective way of catching fish. One company who that offer some very interesting and original products for this market are the Friendly Fisherman based in Tunbridge- Wells, read on as we take a look at the Jackson Shad range.

Jackson Active Shad

Vital Statistics

The Active Shad stand out from the crowd as they feature their very own special flavour, ensures that predators find it faster and retain it longer than the majority of other soft plastics. With their slim shape and highly mobile small shovel tail, it swims through the water and imitates a agile slender prey fish. Even at slow speeds the Active-tail produces a lively swimming action, especially in the sinking phase. The eyes of this bait give the Jackson Active Shad a uncanny natural performance

Top Tip – The 10cm Active Shad is an absolute must for Zander & Perch but Trout and Chub are also partial to these small morsels. Whilst the 12.5 cm version is ideal for Zander-jigging, and “horizontal” shading for Perch and Pike.

Final Thoughts

This stunning looking Shad range from Jackson offer a realistic action and visual stimulation, with the added bonus of an attractive aroma release that predatory species will find irresistible. They are available in Baby Bass, Firetiger and Natural Perch patterns and you get 5 × 10cm or 4 × 12.5cm for the very reasonable price of £6.50 per pack.


Visit the Website: http://www.thefriendlyfisherman.co.uk/


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