Kuusamo Spoon Lures

Thu 07 November 13


I’m really getting the bug for my lure fishing these days, and part of the fun is finding great new lures which replicate prey fish and will work in a variety of situations; Kuusamo have something for all! I’ve recently obtained a selection of Kuusamo products, both Spoons and Professor type, and the first one I’ve got to review is the Spoon; so are they any good……..?

There are, as expected a fair amount of differently sized and shaped spoons within this particular brand range; the one I’m using is the ‘Fire Tiger’ which weighs in at 40g and measures 90mm, so it’s a fairly hefty lure which gives excellent potential for long distance casting. Even with an 8’ rod rated at a maximum of 40g, I can project this in excess of 60 yards with relative ease! Because it is slightly tail heavy, it flies through the air well, especially if a forefinger is used to slow line coming off the reel; a satisfying ‘slap’ also results and instantly gains the attention of nearby predators!

To describe the lure; it is the classic spoon design, recognised as a versatile shape which results in outstanding low frequency vibrations on the retrieve which often makes it very effective for larger fish who consider that a low frequency means larger prey and therefore less energy must be expended to catch a worthy meal! Within the spoon shaped plate is a hole (sonic eye) which apparently results in even greater vibration; my findings are that it causes an imbalance in water flowing over the spoon which causes it to wobble, much like loss of lift on an aeroplane wing resulting in a ‘stall’ which makes the lure flutter away to one side when the line is slackened…..very enticing, and when induced directly under the rod tip will often tempt a strike from any pike which has followed it into the bank. It is a weighty lure and should be used at a reasonable depth or retrieved quickly to prevent snagging in shallower water.

Attaching to the trace is a simple evolution; a single spilt ring at the top of the spoon simply clips into the trace link swivel giving 360 degree movement without restriction. At the ‘business’ end, a single oversize treble means that any hungry pike is met with ultra sharp barbs which will instantly find purchase……

This lure is effective in cloudy water too. I fished at Cudmore Fishery in Staffordshire on Tara Predator Lake after heavy rain and still had clean takes and fish on the bank. With a sensitive rod, it is possible to feel every fluctuation made by this spoon, which made it easy to gauge where it was in the water which is a distinct advantage when you can’t see it!

‘Fire Tiger’ lures are available in seven different colour combinations to cover a variety of angling situations and retail for around £7.50 each. Highly recommended for the serious predator angler!


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