Pike Pro Dead Bait Retainer

Wed 11 October 17


We all have one huge problem to overcome when fishing with soft dead baits such as sardines and blueys. These very productive baits can be a nightmare to cast any distance once the baits have defrosted. To overcome this issue, anglers have come up with many ingenious ways and methods of solving this problem, with various levels of success. However, those very clever chaps at Pike Pro have added the very impressive Pike Pro Deadbait Retainer to their already comprehensive range of products, read on as we explain this very easy to use product.

Pike Pro Dead Bait Retainer

Vital Statistics

These hard, black plastic T-pegs are designed to simply pushed through the bait and then a short piece of silicone tubing is pushed over the peg to cover the point and shaft. Now simple push the barbed point of your treble hook through one of the holes in the shaft of the retainer and the bait will be held in place securely, even when casting at ranges in access of 70 yards (we know because we’ve tested them).

Top Tip – The Pike Pro Dead Bait Retainer can also be used with the Pike Pro Bait Poppers to create simple popped-up baits and kebab rigs.

Final Thoughts

These very clever little gadgets enable even the most inexperienced pike angler to cast soft baits at range, with piece of mind that the bait will still be securely in tack and most importantly, still attached to your rig.

They’re sold in packs of 6 and if you’re careful and don’t loose any, they’ll last you for a few good sessions. The Pike Pro Dead Bait Retainers are available from all Baitbox/Pike Pro stockists and they sell for just £2.99 per pack.


Visit the Website: http://www.baitbox.com/Baitbox/Products/ProductCategory/List