Rapala J-13 Floating lure.

Wed 20 November 13


I like jointed lures, the lifelike action of many of them means less work for the angler and almost guaranteed effectiveness!

The Rapala J-13 (jointed) is, as the name suggests, approximately 13cm long and the biggest in the range which includes the J05, 07, 09 and 11 to give a complete array of suitable lures for any given situation. Designed to fish between 4-14’, the J-13 weighs in at 18g and can be cast on all but the lightest of tackle, making it a fantastic addition to any general lure box.

Constructed of balsa wood, this lure floats easily, but the angled lip results in a delightful diving action creating additional sound as it constantly breaks the surface of the water when using a very slow retrieve. Reeled in at speed, the lure dives much deeper, and the cleverly thought out shape results in the unique ‘broken back’ action associated with many Rapala units which often proves irresistible to finicky predators!

Fitted with two ultra sharp VMC black trebles to ensure maximum ‘hookability’, this lure has the typical Rapala build quality in all fittings and is also available in over a dozen exciting colours to suit your chosen water. I used the ‘perch’ lure to hook up several pike during a session at Cudmore Fisheries in Staffordshire and was extremely pleased to land everything I hit, each one hooked cleanly and I was also able to release the hooks with ease after grabbing with long nose pliers or forceps; no struggle to engage the hook at the bend, the thick wire meant no deflection either which can make unhooked awkward so I have utmost confidence in the trebles….

The J series contains something for all predators, whether chasing chub and perch on the J-05 or bigger fish on the J-13, you can be sure that your Rapala is working properly under water and sending out those signals which say ‘….come and get me!’

The Rapala J-13 Floating Lure is available from all leading stockist for the very reasonable price of £12.49.


Visit the Website: http://www.rapalaworld.com/