Rapala Top Ten Lures for 2015 Part Three

Thu 26 February 15


In Part Three of the UKSA Rapala Top Ten Lures for 2015, we’ll be looking at lures specifically designed to target small predatory species including chub, perch small zander and pike.

Weedless Shad – WSDO8 BG – RRP £6.99

Weedless Shad

This sinking lure measures in at 80mm in length and weighs 16g. It features a single VMC hook It has been specifically designed for anglers looking for a hard bodied lure for use in a weedy environment. It’s design enables it to create a wobbling tail kicking action, which is enhanced by the rattle sound it produces whilst wobbling.

This attractive lure features all the characteristics of a real fish, including a natural scale pattern and all other features including fins and eyes are highly visible when in use.

Scatter Rap Crank Shallow – SSCRC05 GFDRRP £10.99

Scatter Rap Crank Shallow

This stunning 6cm long lure, features a Balsa Body with the tried and tested Scatter Lip Design, which produces a evasive, erratic Swimming Action. This lures compact shape delivers a responsive Action at Varying Retrieves, making the need for a built in rattler unnecessary.

Scatter Rap Crank shallow

This highly visible lure is a true multi predatory species lure that is ideal for chub, perch, plus medium sized pike and zander. It is fitted as standard with two Premium Black Nickel VMC® treble Hooks, that are incredibly sharp, making this lure ready to use, straight from the box.

Balsa Xtreme Jointed Shad – BXJSD06 bbh – RRP £6.99

Balsa Xtreme Jointed Shad

This 80mm long, jointed lure features a balsa core and Copolymer shell construction, which makes it both buoyant and very strong. This lure is ideally suited to all casting and trolling requirements and has been designed to dive to depths

Balsa Xtreme Jointed Shad of 4 to 6 feet.

This lure features VMC black nickel, extremely sharp VMC treble hooks and produces a vigorous floating and kicking action that looks absolutely superb.

Ultralight Rippin’ Rap – ULRPR04 CGHRRP £13.99

Ultralight Rippin Rap

This tiny 4.5cn long lure incorperates a tall, Skinny Body Shape, with a distinctive Loud BB Rattle System to increase attraction in coloured water conditions. This lures lipless design assists in producing a hard vibrating action, which in the right conditions produces more strikes at this very active little lure.

Ultralight Rippin Rap Close up

To increase the lures attraction, it is finished off with a textured scaled body for a realistic look in water. Although small in size you can still cast good distances, which is very useful when casting to features on the far bank of drains and canals. To finish this lure off, the Ultralight Rippin Rap features two VMC® Black Nickel treble hooks

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