Rapala Top Ten Lures for 2015 Part Two

Mon 16 February 15


Rapala are arguably the biggest name in lure fishing in the world. Over the years they have released some of the most popular lures used by the predatory angling fraternities. So as you can guess, the UKSA team were chuffed when a selection of their new lures for 2015 arrived for us to have a look at. Read on as we take a first look at what they have to offer you the angler in 2015 in this, Part Two of this three part review.

MAGRAPMXR-13 – RRP £15.99


The new MAXRAP MXR-13 is an out and out distance lure for shallow water situations. If features the Rapala Patented MaxCast Mechanism, which enables this aerodynamic lure to be cast at serious distances. The lures body features laser-engraved scales to create a very realistic look when moving through the water.

MAXRAP - MXR-13 close up

The MAXRAP MXR-13 features three non-corrosive, incredibly sharp hooks for maximum penetration and total reliability. An excellent casting lure that is very accurate in the right hands.

BX Waking Minnow – BXWM-13 – RRP £14.99

BX Waking Minnow - BXWM-13

This is the latest addition to the very popular Balsa Extreme Series and features an internal balsa for increased buoyancy, with a very tough coplymer outer shell for increased durability in extreme conditions

BX Waking Minnow - BXWM-13 close up

The BX Waking Minnow has been designed to create the maximum surface wake. As you retrieve the lure slowly, it produces a slow rolling action, that most predatory species find irresistible in the warmer months.

XXXRAP-Heavy Duty – XXXR-10 – RRP £13.99

XXXRAP-Heavy Duty - XXXR-10

This 4 inch long lure is designed for diving to depths of 5 feet and has been manufactured using proper heavy duty components, including a wire through construction to ensure that this lure will pass the test of time. Ideally suited to larger predation including big zander and pike.

XXXRAP-Heavy Duty - XXXR-10 close up

The XXXRAP-Heavy Duty also features the tried and tested X-Rap ultra tough finish, which also increases the visual attraction of the lure as it moves through the water. I comes as standard with two VMC treble hooks fitted which are incredibly sharp, ensuring a solid hook hold every time.

Foot Note – All the lures above have solid split rings for assured strength on the connection and both treble hooks.


Visit the Website: http://www.rapala.com/