Rapala Top Ten Lures for 2015 Part One

Thu 12 February 15


Rapala are arguably the biggest name in lure fishing in the world. Over the years they have released some of the most popular lures used by the predatory angling fraternities. So as you can guess, the UKSA team were chuffed when a selection of their new lures for 2015 arrived for us to have a look at. Read on as we take a first look at what they have to offer you the angler in 2015 in this three part review.

Magnum Divebait – 20 Feet – XRMAG-20 – RRP £17.99

Magnum Divebait - 20

The Magnum Divebait-20 is an out and out high speed trolling lure that features a built in rattler for increased attraction. This 20cm long lure has a 5cm long diving vane, which enables the lure to dive to depths of 20 feet, making it ideal for all loch, reservoir and deep river trolling situations.

XRMAG-20 close up

The Magnum Divebait – 20 comes fitted with premium VMC hooks, which to the lure newbie are incredibly strong and most importantly as sharp as a razor so be careful when using this lure.

Shad Rap Magnum – SRMAG-12 – RRP £15.99


The Rap Shad Magnum features the classic Shad Rap shaped body, with a stepped up magnum build, specifically designed for targeting big predatory species and in particular big pike. It measures in at 15cm in length (from the tip of the vane, to the tail end of the body). It’s swimming action is a combination of wobble and roll even when trolling at speed.

SRMAG-12 close up

The Shad Rap Magnum offers a near neutral to slow sinking buoyancy, making this lure the perfect choice for stop and go presentations. This versatile lure also features a stainless steel vane that is designed to reflect light and create visual flash, potentially adding to the lures attraction.

XXX Rap-Cast – XXXRC-14 – RRP £14.99

XXX Rap-Cast-14

If casting lures at extreme range is essential in your angling, particularly in horrendous conditions, then the XXX Rap-Cast-14 is definitely one to add to your lure artillery. This 16cm long lurehas been specifically designed for salt water requirements, thus the large single VMC hooks attached as standard but it will also be at home on lochs, reservoirs and pretty much any large water where waited lures are a must.

XXX Rap-Cast-14 close up

This short vaned lure produces a rolling and wobbling action and because of the bodies slim lined profile, there is minimal resistance on the retrieve. All in all this is the ideal lure for all long range casting on a magnitude of venues.

First Impressions

These first three lures all feature strong and durable split rings for connection to the trace, as well as making the changing of hooks simple, whilst also offering assured strength and durability. The magnitude of presentation options these lures offer the using angler makes them a major asset to any serious lure anglers selection. Based on first impressions and after having a waggle with them in clear water, they all do exactly what it says on the box.


Visit the Website: http://www.rapala.com/