Savage Gear Lip Sculls & Four Play Soft Lures

Thu 07 November 13


Having already used the Four Play series of lures before, I was pleased to be asked to use the smaller version of the loose body soft version. Similar in shape to the previously used hard lure herring pattern, the Rainbow Smolt (and others) are constructed of high quality materials to offer superb durability and longevity and are supplied in five different sizes to suit any lure angling situation. Each is jointed when formed by making the material thinner at the flexion points, so the integrity of the finished piece isn’t compromised by any metal attachments which may be prone to causing tangles, and has the added advantage of an incredibly lifelike swimming action.

The body is designed to be used in several ways; it can be fitted with a jig head which allows the angler to fish ‘sink and draw’, an offset hook pattern will give a single treble set in the midline, and finally the use of the unique ‘lip scull’ adds even greater action to the retrieve. I have to be honest, as a relative novice to some aspects of lure fishing, my first opinion of the lip scull system was one of confusion….how do I use it, what does it do, how does it assist me? A few minutes of exploration revealed exactly how to use the plastic vane and attached trebles….. Fitting it to the lure body was a simple matter of placing the lure into the plastic receiver and securing by pushing the pin supplied through the lure into the hole opposite. Once the head is fixed in place, the remainder of the ‘harness’ is fitted by lodging within one of the lure joints which leaves the twin trebles free to rotate. Although that may sound complex, it isn’t, and if the pins are lost, then a cocktail stick forms a handy substitute!

After the system has been pieced together, the soft lure remains very well balanced and the action isn’t affected in any way, but the steeply pitched vane does allow the lure to be fished at greater depth as it carves through the water and the trebles offer increased hooking capability. So what advantages does it offer? By simply squeezing the body to release the harness and removing the pin, the main body can be exchanged for a different colour as the angler searches the swim to provoke a reaction from any predator. The undemanding design lends itself to substituting the lure for a real fish as an option on difficult days by pinning in the same way and using ‘hook’ on the harness to hold the fish near the dorsal fin; again this locks the bait in place where it will remain despite repeated casting.

In summary, the five sizes of lure can be perfectly matched to the lip scull system giving the unrivalled ability to interchange a variety of lure bodies and real fish within seconds without breaking end tackle down. It has no effect on swimming action, offers a variety of hooking options and reduces the amount of weight the angler has to carry in order to have a full selection of lures.


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