Savage Gear Real Eel


Since becoming part of the UKMA predator team, I’ve seen plenty of lures come my way for testing, and most, if not all, have impressed me in some way…..however the Savage Gear Real Eel has to be one of the most interesting so far.

Predatory fish have developed several methods to detect potential prey, and most lures subscribe to one or more through imitation; whether it be sight, sound or vibration, every lure on the market seeks to trigger a response from the predator by trying to replicate food signals and many do it extremely well. The Real Eel is probably the ‘real deal’ though when it comes to lure perfection!

The innovative use of 3D imaging, scanning and modelling has resulted in a completely life like eel, a staple prey fish of many predators, and a lure which can even be used successfully in saltwater. The Real Eel is available in a variety of sizes from 15-40cm and also offers a choice of natural or high visibility finishes depending on angler preference and fishing scenario. I used the 30cm body fitted with 6g jig head.

The 30cm is a fairly weighty beast coming in at 56g; with the addition of a non-lead jig head, it totals 62g, so it’s a lot to throw out on very light gear. Having said that, on balanced tackle, it is entirely possible to cast considerable distances with relative ease; forty yards was no effort and the weighted head ensured reasonable aerodynamics in flight. My Real Eel was given the natural dark backed brown finish known as ‘Olive-Pearl’ and looked exactly like the eels found in my neck of the woods, so I had no hesitation in using in my local rivers in search of hungry pike. Other colours may suit different areas of the country as not all eels are the same!

Examine the detail of the Real Eel and you will realise just how good these really are; the lateral line, vent, pectoral fins, and mottled flanks continue into a big, flexible curl tail which gives an incredible action when retrieved. Each Eel pack is supplied with a jig head hook (7/0 at 30cm) and a stinger (2/0 treble) which gives options; fit just the jig head and a slow recovery along the river bed is possible without the likelihood of snagging as the hook protrudes from the spine of the lure, fit the stinger over the jig head, embed the treble in the rubberlike belly, and a faster wind for mid water or surface striking fish is simple.
When the lure is retrieved, the soft tail ‘flutters’ enticingly through the water offering tantalising glimpses of pale flank, which is especially effective in clearer water.

Lifting the rod and dropping it whilst winding in results in a ‘sink and draw’ action with the eel quickly dropping towards the bottom; do it in shallow water and it is possible to kick up spurts of mud to attract further interest! A faster regain with the rod low, and the lure arrows through the water with some grace and a rapid ripple astern…irresistible!
In summary, this is yet another lure finding pride of place in my rapidly expanding collection; it has a simply stunning action guaranteed to provoke predatory action and is unlike most other baits which gives a definite advantage when fish are lure shy.
RRP around £10-17


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