Strike Pro Belly Busters

Mon 22 January 18


Here’s the latest range of lures from the Strike Pro range, distributed by the Friendly Fisherman of Tunbridge Wells. This range are called the Belly Busters and if you take one look at them, the name is very applicable to these short yet very chunky glide baits.

Strike Pro Belly Busters

Vital Statistics

The Belly Buster is shorter and rounder than the other glide baits to give a higher profile in the water and a rolling, side to side action with an amazing “belly flash”. Each lure measures in at 120mm in length and has a casting weight of 73 grams. As with the Buster Jerk and Big Bandit, the Belly Buster is through wired, made of heavy duty, tooth proof plastic body, for prolonged life and performance. The fitted treble hooks are exceptionally sharp, making these lures ready to go straight from the packaging.

Final Thoughts

Another very well made lure from the Strike Pro range that offers something totally different in appearance. This is definitely a lure for the serious big fish angler to consider adding to his Lure collection.

Foot Note – The Belly Busters are available in Belly Bust Clown and Fire Bird (both pictured above) Dirty Roach, Fire Tiger, Natural Perch & Orange Tiger and they carry an RRP of £16.99 but the Friendly Fisherman currently have them on sale for £9.99, which is great value for money.


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