Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow

Thu 18 January 18


Lures fishing can be a very expensive hobby, once you realise that you want every lure available in your collection. With this in mind, the UKSA team have been on the look out for good quality lures at affordable prices. After a bit of a hunt, we discovered that the Friendly Fisherman in Kent have a massive range of own brand lures that fit the bill perfectly. After a lengthy chat with the store owner Andrew Lush, he agreed to send us a few samples to wet your appetite and here’s our first at one of the options the Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow.

Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow

Vital Statistics

The Buster Jerk ’Shallow’ is the floating version of the dynamic Original Buster Jerk. It produces an amazing belly roll and and gliding action, running down to depths of 1 meter, with a nice slow rise. An excellent choice for the spring, summer and autumn, as it is the ideal lure option when cranked. Rip, twitch, pull, or jerk, making this a great all year round lure.

Final Thoughts

This shallow Jerk Lure does exactly what it says on the tin, It performs perfectly and does look very convincing in the water. The treble hooks fitted as standard a strong and incredibly sharp, that are attached to the body with stainless steel split rings, that are also ideally suited.

Foot Note – The Buster Jerk Shallow usually carries an RRP of £16.99 but they are currently on sale for just £9,99 which is superb value for money.


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