Drennan Bobber

Thu 30 November 17


When fishing shallow clear rivers and still waters for species like chub, barbel, grayling and perch. One float pattern that the UKSA team have over the years found to be ideally suited to these situations and species are the Drennan Bobbers.

These green tinted floats are based on the traditional design that was originally made in cork and cane materials. These modern options feature a buoyant, blow-moulded body and a tough plastic stem for stability.

Drennan Bobbers

The highly visible thick tips enable you to fish with big baits like lob worms, meat and pellets. When trotting on shallow clear streams and smaller shallow river, these floats well and truly come into their own, as the body and stem are virtually invisible in water, enabling you to fish for very cautions species with total confidence that you float wont spook them, even when the water is tap clear

Top Tip – These floats perform best when attached top and bottom with silicone float rubbers.

Foot Note – There are 4 size options to choose from in the Bobber range, these are; No1: 1.5AA (1.2g), No2: 2.5AA (2g), No3: 2 Swan (3.2g) and No4: 3 Swan (4.8g) and they sell for 99p each, which is exceptional value for money.


Visit the Website: http://www.drennantackle.com/

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