Drennan Loafers

Thu 30 June 16


Test of time

With the river season now well underway, we felt it was the right time to start taking a look at river floats that offer you the angler versatility and good all round perforamance . So the UKSA team put our heads together, and after very careful consideration, we all chose a running water float pattern that we’ve all had great all round performance from in numerous situations, introducing the Loafers from Drennan.

Drennan Loafers

Vital Statistics

These floats are manufactured from blow-moulded plastic, which in tern makes them light and extremely tough. As the floats body is clear, they are unobtrusive even in gin clear and shallow water. The floats highly visible painted tip offers excellent visibility in turbulent water, meaning perfect bite indication every time.

They can be used with a standard top and bottom float rubber attachment or you can also opt to set them up waggler style, either way they perform superbly, even in adverse conditions.
Because of the superb buoynacy these floats offer, you can use them for everything from trotting bread and maggots for roach and chub to fishing small fish baits for chub and perch.

Final Thoughts

These exceptionally buoyant floats are a must for any serious river angler who is looking for a medium to fast running water float, that can pretty much cover all baiting presentations, even small live baits can be comfortably supported. All in all, the Loafers are must have for all serious river anglers that the UKSA team members always carry with them, when targeting big specimens from medium to fast flowing waters.

Foot Note – The Loafers are available in the following sizes: No1: 2.4g (1 Swan) No2: 3.2g (2 Swan) No3: 4g (2.5 Swan) No4: 6.4g (4 Swan) No5: 8g (5 Swan) and are available from all authorised Drennan stockist and you should expect to pay £1.55 per float.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/

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