E-Sox Crystol Pike Floats - Waggler

Wed 07 December 16


With the recent cold snap taking its grip in many parts of the country, knocking water temperatures down dramatically, now is the time to go in search of big predators, especially pike that dwell in many of the countries big reservoirs and numerous more established natural lakes. So if you’re about to start your winter pike campaign and are looking for something new in the float department that has a proven track record. Then the UKS team have the ideal option for you if you are looking at fishing over depth and require sensitive presentation, introducing the E-Sox Crystal Pike Floats – Wagglers

These versatile deadbait pencils are specifically designed for still water situations. . These very sensitive floats are ideally suited when laying on over depth is the chosen presentations in all depths of water, The Wagglers slim, streamlined shape, is designed to offer little resistance to a taking fish, offering excellent and instant bite indication even from the shyest of biting fish These well made floats can be attached to your reel line by threading straight through the bottom eye or alternatively via a link swivel, held at the required depth between float stops.

Foot Note – The Crystal Pike Floats – Wagglers are available in three size options, 12g, 22g and 32g and you will have to pay £2.7p per float.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/productDetail.php?category=51

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