Drennan Super Specialist Hair Rigs

Wed 13 May 15


Pre Tied hooklengths are now become one of the essential items brought by many anglers who have limited preparation time before sessions. From the early days of pre-tied rigs, they have now come on a long way and in many cases, they’re as good as any even the most demanding angler can tie. One range that the UKSA team have personally used for a while now are the very reliable Drennan Super Specialist Hair Rigs, read on as the UKSA team tell you why we like them so much.

Super Specialist Hair Rig

Vital Statistics

The main reason why the UKCA team love these pre-tied hooklengths is because they incorporate arguably one of the best all round specialist hook patterns ever released, the Drennan Super Specialist. This incredibly super strong and incredibly sharp hook pattern is ideal for all big fish work and has never let us down. The rigs also incorporate a very supple braided hooklength material that offers reliable strength as well as perfect fast sinking abilities. The’re finished off with a solid and very strong size 8 swivel, with shrink tubing over the connection knot, to give the rig a tidy finish.

Final Thoughts

As one of our team members has landed his PB barbel (13lbs 4ozs) PB tench (10lbs 4ozs) and his PB bream (13lbs 8ozs) whilst using the Super Specialist Hair Rigs, what more can we say. They offer total versatility of presentation but most importantly, peace of mind that they are totally reliable, even in extreme angling environments.

These well made rigs are available in either barbed or barbless option, offering a pattern that can be used on all fishery. They’re available in size 4 to 15lbs braid, size 6 to 12lbs braid, size 8 to 10lbs braid, size 10 to 8lbs braid and size 12 to 6lbs braid in both barbless and barbed. You will have to pay just £1.99 per Super Specialist Hair Rig and the UKCA team guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their performance


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/