Gardner Tackle Target Specimen Hooks

Fri 21 March 14


Finding a hook pattern to cover all the individual specimen angling scenarios you are likely to encounter on British rivers and lakes is not an easy task if you consider all the different situations it must be able to cover. So whilst delving through the numerous options currently available from several leading brands, the UKMA team discovered the Target Specimen Hooks from Gardner tackle. This latest addition to the Target Terminal Tackle range that was launched at last years Tackle & Gun show by the Surrey based tackle company have been developed and designed utilising the vast skill and knowledge on offer from one of the countries leading all round specimen anglers Gardner Tackle team member Alan Stagg. So with this in mind we had a good look at the Target Specimen Hooks range to see what they exactly have to offer the serious specimen angler.

Target Specimen Hooks

First Impressions

The Target Specimen Hooks have been specifically manufactured to offer the angler who fishes for bream, tench and carp on still waters, right through to hard fighting river species including chub & barbel. The hook features a 5o in turned eye and very sharp beaked point which has been utilised for two reasons. Firstly to produce optimum penetration on the take or strike, meaning potentially more fish on the bank. Secondly is to prevent dulling or turning of the hook when fishing over gravel, that is a common issue found on many other similar patterns currently available. They have been manufactured with an extremely strong forged high carbon wire to offer the all round strength required too subdue large fish even when targeting them with relatively small sized hooks.
KEY FEATURE – The Target Specimen Hook features a non reversed bend. This means that the hook point and the hook shank line up with one another, and it is this relationship, along with the penetrative angle created by eye and beaked point genuinely aids positive penetration.

The Target Specimen Hooks also benefit from the application of the unique Covert finish, which reduces glare in the aquatic environment it is being used in, offering a mat non glare camouflage to your presentation, which in shallow or clear water conditions is essential. The Target Specimen Hooks wide gape style pattern makes it ideal for use when presentation hair rigged boilies, meat, bread, corn & pellets but it will also perform perfectly when using baits like maggots or worms straight on the hook. These well thought out hooks will definitely find favour amongst the carp and specimen fraternities but they will also find themselves at home in the big river feeder or commercial fishery match anglers tackle box, as there sharpness and strength will make them ideal for high impact situations including the method feeder and bolt rigs presentations.

Close up

Final Thoughts

The Target Specimen Hooks are available in both barbed and barbless options and in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16, offering a perfect option for all specialist angling requirements. If it’s big, powerful and swimming in British Fresh Waters, the UKMA team are pretty sure the Target Specimen Hooks are more than capable of landing even the biggest of specimens that are resident in our plentiful waterways. You’ll find the Target Specimen Hooks now available from all leading Gardner Tackle for around £4.25 per pack of 10.


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