Rigmarole Hunchback Hooks

Thu 27 February 14


Hunchback Hooks 1

Suffolk based RIGMAROLE have a deserved reputation in the big carp and specialist fraternities for their top quality terminal tackle. All you have to do is look at the number of big carp landed every year on their gear by the team of consultants and mere mortals like ourselves, and these results speak for themselves. 2014 see’s the company adding another string to their already well strung bow with the release of the HUNCHBAX hooks. The best way of describing this unique hook pattern is as a hybrid of two classic hook patterns,, the Long Shank and the Curved Shank. These high quality Japanese made hooks are manufactured from carbon steel with a Teflon coating, to produce a hook that is glare free and incredibly sharp. The key features of the hook are the near seamless large eye, the long shank which is slightly curve, not as aggressively as a curve shank but this curve makes the hook potentially perform better than a standard long shank pattern.

Hunchback Hooks 2

The UKMA team spoke to RIGMAROLE’s Les Bowers who told us “During field testing we found this pattern to be a versatile hook option, ideally suited to anglers who like to keep things simple. We found that they performed best when used on the following rigs; Johnny Mac, 360, Blowback and all standard bottom bait presentations”. Taking Les’s advice, the UKMA team have tied up a few rigs and we’ll be taking them out on the bank over the coming weeks to see how they perform in an angling environment.

The HUNCHBAX Hooks are available in sizes 6, 8,& 10 in both barbless and micro barbed options from your local RIGMAROLE dealer for the very reasonable price of £4.25 per pack of ten.


Visit the Website: http://www.rigmarole.co.uk/