Anchor Tackle Deceivers

Mon 04 February 13


We are all looking for those edges when it comes to tricking wary old carp or other specimen fish when stalking them in clear, shallow water. Some of these fish have wised up to traditional style leads and shy away from feeding areas if they happen to spot one. The obvious solution is to use something that is natural and not cause the fish to be suspicious.

There have been other weights that have been created from using the actual items that are found on the bottom of our waterways such as actual pebbles, but these are not as dense in weight as lead itself meaning that a larger size is required to get the required weight that you may be looking for to give the optimum hooking potential from it. Anchor Tackle have noticed this and created an actual lead with a hard wearing “stone effect” coating which mimics the stones or pebbles found on the bottom of rivers or lakes. One thing that we do know for sure is that fish are not going to be wary of pebbles or stones on the bottom of a venue as they are actually part of their habitat.

As you can see from the picture, if it wasn’t for the swivels attached to the Decievers, it would be virtually impossible to tell them from the pebbles placed around them. If we can’t tell the difference with our eyesight, then it is going to be extremely difficult for the fish to!

Top Tip – To make the Deceivers even more “natural”, mould a small amount of the actual bottom substrate such as mud or clay around the Deciever so that it looks completely natural. This can also be done to completely camouflage your hooklink, swivel and safety lead clip for an even more natural presentation.

The Deceivers are available in 7 different shapes with a single weight per shape; Flat Pebble (1.25oz / 35g RRP £1.65), Pebble (1.75oz / 50g RRP £1.75), Pebble ( 2.25oz / 65g RRP £1.75), Flat Stone ( 2.75oz / 80g RRP £1.85), Stone (2.75oz / 80g RRP £1.85), Stone (3.25oz / 90g RRP £1.90) & Boulder (4oz / 115g RRP £2.00)


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