Dinsmores Gripper Bombs

Tue 10 November 15


Although Dinsmores are best know for their superb range of shot, the West Midlands based company have a comprehensive range of products, offering something for all anglers needs at affordable prices. After having a good look through what they have to offer you the anglers, the UKSA team stumbled on their range of Gripper Bombs, read on as we take a close look at the range.

Dinsmores Gripper Bombs

Vital Statistics

The Gripper Leads are ideally suited to all aspects of coarse, specialist and predator angling, They come into there own when targeting fast flowing rivers, as the Bombs low profile enable you to use lighter weights, whilst still enabling you to keep your rig stable. They also perform superbly when fishing on steep marginal slopes or shelves close to islands on still waters, griping the bottom and once in position, they stay exactly where your cast them.

As you can see above, these resin coated bombs have a mat colouring that is totally non reflective, making them also ideal for clear, shallow water conditions. The built in large eyed swivel makes it possible to connect the bomb to either a lead clip, snap swivel or free running on your reel line, however you prefer, they’ll perform perfectly. As with all gripper leads and bombs, for even more stability, you have eight small domes on the upper and lower face of the bomb. These are in place to add even more grip to the bomb.

Final Thoughts

In the range you have in total, nine 9 size options and two materials to choose from. The non toxic options are sold in packs of three in 7g, 10g, 14g & these cost £2.50 per pack, with the 18g non toxic options selling for £2.99 per pack of three. In the lead option you get 3 × 33g Gripper Bombs for £2.99, the 45g options sell for £2.75 per pack of two, the 60g options sell for £2.99 for a pack of two. The 75g are sold for £3.25 per pack of two, with last but not least the 90g pack of two costing you £3.50 per pack.

Foot Note – The Gripper Bombs are available from all authorised Dinsmores stockist!


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/