Dinsmores Grippa Styx

Sat 03 January 15


New No.4 & No.6 Grippa Styx

First Look

Dinsmores have been one of the leading brands in split shot development for many many years. The UKMA team have used lead and split shot from the West Midlands based company for as long as we can remember with superb results. One of their latest offerings that has caught our attention are the Grippa Styx in sizes 4 and 6. Read on as we take a first look at these very innovative lead nd hopefully open your eyes to their potential uses.

Dinsmores Grippa Styx

Vital Statistics

Dinsmores Grippa Styx offer a streamlined alternative to float and rig shotting. They feature a special matt algar green Grippa coating, making then blend in to all aquatic environments, which comes into it’s own when targeting even the most cautious of feeding species. As an added bonus this Grippa coating is also kind to your reel lines and hooklengths, minimising line abrasion, whilst retaining its gripping qualities under tension.

Grippa Styx close up

First Impressions

These latest additions to the Grippa Styx range offer all specialist anglers a discrete shooting option for all your float fishing, for adding weight to hooklengths to keep them pinned down on both still and flowing water and they’re also a very quick and simple solution to creating critically balanced rig presentations. The Grippa Styx are available fro all leading Dinmores stockist and they sell for £1.99 per pack


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/