Drennan Feederbombs

Tue 09 June 15


For as long as the UKSA team can remember, Drennan have been one of the major players in the feeder fishing world. The Oxfordshire based company have produced numerous different types of feeders that are still common place in many anglers feeder boxes, covering all genre of modern angling. One of the feeder classics from Drennan that has seen a major face lift are the Feederbombs, read on as we talk you through the improvements and what they have to offer you the specialist angler.

Drennan Feederbomb range

Vital Statistics

The Feederbombs are an aerodynamic feeder that are ideally suited for casting maggots, worms, casters and other bait particles to your baited area with near zero spillage. they feature a weighted end cap that is attached to the connection end of the feeder via a power gum connection which serves two purposes. Firstly the stretch of the power gum enables you to load the feeder quickly and secondly it securely holds the weighted end in position.

internal power gum

As well as having the weighted end cap which makes these feeders fly like an arrow, there is also a weighted strip fitted to the outer edge of the feeder. This enables the feeder to sit n the bed of the lake or river in a position that allows optimum bait release, whilst preventing the feeder rolling around on flat or uneven areas.

weighted side lead for additional stabillity

Top Tip – to increase the speed that the bait is released, by using a sharp Stanley Knife or similar blade, simply cut between two of the holes and create an elongated slot.

Final Thoughts

The Drennan Feederbombs are perfectly suited for most angling situations but have proven to be most effective when used on lakes and slow to medium paced rivers. The weighted end caps make these feeders cast incredibly accurately, even when casting into the horizon with strong cross winds. Everything from the swivel connection, outer wall material and internal power gum connection serve the purpose they’ve been designed for perfectly.

Foot note – There are two colour options to choose from in the Feederbomb range, these are olive green or camo brown and both colour options are available in four sizes, Mini 15g, Small 25g, Medium 35g, and Large 45g and all sizes sell for £1.50 each


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/thelatest/