Drennan Swivel Stop Beads

Sun 21 April 13


Long Term Field Test

Tangles whilst casting running lead and feeder rigs or the problem of protecting the swivel connection your hook links and reel lines has been a problem for most of us over the years, with many different gadgets claiming to be the solution to the problem. These connection systems either caused huge amounts of line twist to your hook lengths when retrieving them or made the tangle problem even greater.

Drennan Swivel Stop beads

About 5 years ago, Drennan released a simple but effective solution to this problem, the Swivel Stop Beads. They are described by the manufacturer as being “an effective anti-tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs. The rubber bead is designed to house the top eye and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom eye protruding and free to rotate”
For those of you who are new to the sport or for those who have been asleep for half of the last decade, the Drennan Swivel Stop Bead is very simple to incorporate into your rig, simply follow the instructions below:

1 – Thread your feeder, lead or attachment on to the reel line, making sure that the attachment is able to move up and down the line smoothly,

2 – Then slide the bead on to the reel line, making sure the line passes through the beads smallest hole first,

3 – Now take a swivel from the packet and connect this to the end of your reel line, ensuring the connection is secure,

4 – Now slide the bead over the swivel to encapsulate the connection knot, which will leave the second swivel eye exposed to attach your hook length to.

Drennan Swivel Stop Beads close up

One of the major changes to the Swivel Stop Beads over the years is the colour and appearance of the Beads. They were originally released in a neutral biscuit brown colour which pretty much covered all situations the course angler would come across. However, the specialist anglers required a bead that had better camouflage elements ensuring their rigs blended into its surrounding perfectly.

Drennan took this on board and the Swivel Stop Beads are now available a Clear Grey, Lime Green & original biscuit brown. All colours of bead also incorporate a black fleck which breaks up both the colour and shape of the bead under water perfectly. So what the angler now had was a Swivel and Bead system that for the first time offers the anglers rig both anti-tangle and camouflage options.

After numerous hours of using the Swivel Stop Beads as a part of all my standard running rig feeder set ups on both commercial fisheries and rivers, I have to say Drennan have got this pukka little products spot on! They have had a place in my tackle box since they were release 5 years ago and I have now developed many of my feeder rigs to incorporate the Swivel Stop Beads, they simply do their job better than anything else available I have personally found.

Foot Note – The Drennan Swivel Stop Beads are available in three size options; Size 14 Small, Size 11 Medium, Size 9 Large, and you get 5 swivels & stop-beads per packet. You should expect to pay £2.29 per pack from all leading Drennan stockist.


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