FFF Feeders Field Tested

Thu 11 June 15


For all of you who are hardened specialist angler, who target powerful rivers in search of barbel, finding feeders that are strong enough to handle these demanding situations can be a bit hit or miss. There are many companies who mass produce feeders for this style of fishing but apart from a few the UKSA team have tested over the years, many are simply not up to the job.

So after talking to the anglers who are in the know, we discovered an independent company who are highly respected by the serious barbel anglers as producing arguably some of the best feeders available, introducing the FFF Feeders from Paul Fisk. Red on as we talk you through the range and and let you know how they performed after a year on the bank.

FFF Plastic Coated & Steel Caged feeders

The Field Test

Around 12 months ago, the UKSA team received a few of the feeders from the FFF Feeder range that specifically designed for big powerful river situations. Over this period we have seriously put these feeders through there paces whilst targeting big bream, chub and especially barbel from the majestic Tidal Trent.

The Plastic Coated Steel Feeders

FFF Plastic Coated, Steel Feeders

These incredibly robust feeders feature a large steel meshed cage that has been coated in a flexible green plastic coating. This coating prevents the cage from damage whilst in use and because it the coating is so flexible, making the cage virtually unbreakable. Mounted to the cage you have a moulded lead weight that attaches itself to the cage by two strong lead flaps that are simply folded into the centre of the cage.
To attach the feeder to your reel line you have a loop of multi strand, low diameter steel cable, with a heavy duty swivel attached. This is mounted onto one of the lead folds and to prevent tangles, the connecting cable is full encapsulated in a durable rubber sleeve.

Plastic Coated Steel Feeder loaded

The Plastic Coated Steel Feeders are available in 2.5oz £2.60, 4oz £2.70, 5oz £2.80, 6oz £3.00 and 8oz £3.40


FFF Plastic Feeders

When targeting venues with hard flows but minimal snags or hazards, These are the option to choose. The Plastic feeders have a moulded plastic cage with slim slots, which enables the feeder to reach the bottom with minimal bait release, even in really deep powerful water. They feature the same moulded lead attachment and multi strand connector as the Plastic Coated Stainless Steel feeders, offering the same strength and durability but at a slightly cheaper price.

FFF Plastic Feeder loaded

The Plastic Feeders are available in 2.5oz £1.60, 4oz £1.70, 5oz £1.80, 6oz £2.00 and 8oz £2.40

Final Thoughts

After chucking these very hard wearing and reliable feeders around in tidal and flood water conditions, both of the aforementioned FFF Feeders have well and truly passed the test of time. Apart from the odd paint chip and scratch from being dragged across large anti-erosion boulders with 10lbs plus angry barbel doing their very best to destroy the annoying weight bouncing above it, these superb feeders are still in perfect working order. So if you are on the look out for a feeder or feeders that can handle the most extreme river angling situations, you’ll have to search long and hard to find any that compare, UKSA highly recommend you give these a try if this is your style of feeder fishing.

Foot Note – To order your feeders from Paul Fisk FFF Feeders and all product enquiries please call 07884 114143 between !7.30 hrs (5,30 PM) and 20.00 hrs (8.00PM) Monday to Friday