Catmaster Tackle Dyneema Hook Link

Sun 17 August 14


Midlands based Catmaster Tackle have over the past few years well and truly established themselves as one of the leading brands in the catfish tackle market in the United kingdom. They supply a comprehensive range of products to cover the requirements of angler who fish both in the UK and mainland Europe for these powerful fish. Their range of products includes rods, landing nets, unhooking mats, baits and terminal tackle specifically designed to cope with the punishment that these hard fighting beasts will put your kit through. Arguably, the one area of equipment that is s critical is the business end or terminal tackle, with hook links being up there as one of the key components. Basically, if you don’t get it right, you will definitely loose fish. so with this in mind, the UKMA team have made the usual call and we have received a selection of the Catmaster tackle Dyneema Hook Links to have a look at, here are our thoughts.

Vital Statistics

The Dyneema Hook Links are manufactured from 100% Dyneema strands to create a braided line of outstanding suppleness, with no stretch, exceptional knotting strength and total all round durability. This material has a proven track record and has been used extensively across Europe & World Wide with unrivalled success. Although its natural colour is white, you may think it will spook cautious fish way from your baits but by using a marker pen or as the UKMA tea prefer to do, simply scoop out a bit of lake bed material from the margins like clay or silt and rub it into the dyneema, creating a perfectly camouflage hook link, with a natural aroma. UKMA have had a word with Julian Barnes from Catmaster Tours and he has advised us that when using dyneema hook link a standard knotless knot is perfect for attaching your hook and to attach to a swivel he also highly recommends you use the palomar knot, considering he’s landed more 150 plus catfish than anybody else I know, I’d take that as biblical.

First Impressions

Based on advice from those in the know and after trying to break this incredibly strong material whilst checking the breaking strains, using a large loop fixed to a wooden post and a pair of scales and pulling for the break, this is without question is some of the strongest hook link material we have ever tested. There are three different breaking strain options available in the Catmaster Tackle Dyneema Hook Link range, these are; 25kg (55lbs), this has a diameter of 0.3mm, with 20m on each spool and this is suitable for fish up to 100lbs. The 50kg (110lbs) option has a diameter of 0.4mm, also with 20m per spool and the 75kg (150lbs) having a diameter of 0.5mm, with 15m per spool and this is ideal for fish up to a staggering 400lbs. All breaking strains sell for the very reasonable price of £7.50 per spool and is now available from all leading Catmaster Tackle stockists.


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