Drennan Super Specialist Sinkbraid

Thu 09 June 16


Long Term Test

For many years now, the UKSA team members have all had one thing in common when targeting big bream, tench, barbel and chub, we have all used the superb Super Specialist Sinkbraid hook link material. Over the years this product has always performed superbly in numerous environments, so we thought it only right to let you know what it has to offer you the specialist angler.

Vital Statistics

Drennan Super Specialist Sinkbraid is an exceptionally limp, uniquely soft, hook link material. Unlike many other similar options on the market, that are known to float up off the bottom between lead and hook. This extra fine, extra strong Dyneema-based braided material is a specific combination weave of Dyneema and heavier microfilaments, which sinks and ensures your hooklength hugs the bottom.

Important Information – To get the very best performance from this material UKSA highly recommend using either a five-turn grinner or palomar knot.

Drennan Super Specialist Sinkbraid

Final Thoughts

Over many years of use, the all round performance and reliability of the Super Specialist Sinkbraid has never been in question. The number of PB fish landed by team members on this hook length material speaks volumes to how well it performs in an angling environment. So if big bream, tench, barbel, chub, perch and carp are your chosen quarry, this is a product you simply have to take a serious look at.

Foot Note – The Super Specialist Sinkbraid is availbale from all authorised Drennan stockists in the following breaking strains 6lb (2.7kg), 8lb (3.6kg), 10lb (4.5kg), 12lb (5.4kg) & 15lb (6.8kg) and you get 10m per spool for £4.99.


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