Gardner Tackle Hydro-sink Braid

Sun 14 September 14


It’s that time of the year when I start looking at sorting my gear ready for my carp, predation and big river winter campaigns. I’ve learned over the years that rather than using two different reel lines for each style of angling, I can get away with using one for all with out being under or over gunned. My personal preference for these situations is a sinking braided line, with a low diameter and good knotting strength. Most importantly my reel line has to be able to handle some serious abuse, so the braids abrasion resistance properties must be top quality. I’ve used the same braid for several years now but unfortunately it is no longer available, so a new one had to be found.

First Impressions

After a bit of a recon around the tackle worlds many manufacturers of braided reel lines, I discovered the Hydro-Sink Braid from southern based tackle manufacturers Gardner Tackle. This is a true sinking main line braid with a round profile and features a discrete natural green colouration to aid concealment in clear water conditions. The Hydro-Sink Braids low diameter to breaking strain ratio makes it excellent for use when casting long distances. Plus because of the low diameters you should potentially get minimal tow from deep fast flowing flooded water when in search of barbel from rivers.

NOTE – No better way to see if a product is up to the job than taking it out on the bank and testing it in a working environment. So the UKMA team loaded two spools with the Hydro-Sink braid in 22lb and headed North to the magical river Trent below Collingham Weir to see how it would perform throwing around 6oz leads on a river that was 10 feet higher than normal at high tide.

Tried & Tested

After spending over 48 hours casting out leads between 6oz & 10ozs into a river that was carrying 15 foot long branches down stream like matchsticks, I can truly say that the Hydro-Sink Braid from Gardner Tackle is as tough as braided lines come. Even with double figured barbel dragging this durable reel line option through the huge and very sharp marginal anti-erosion boulders, it returned to the reel in tact every time. The Hydro-Sink braids rounded profile enables the braid to sit perfectly on the spool and this in turn will help to gain extra distance and control on big chucks.

All in all, I was more than happy with the Hydro-Sink Braids all round performance and its strength. The only noticeable fault was that after the session the Green colour had slightly faded but that will not effect the performance of the braid and to be totally honest is a common fault on virtually all braided reel lines. So if you’re looking for a new braided line for your reels then the Hydro-Sink Braid from Gardner Tackle is definitely one the UKMA team will be using in the future simply because it is 100% fit for the purpose it was designed for.


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